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Established in 1956 and affiliated with the China Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd., the China Energy Engineering Group Guangdong Power Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ENERGY CHINA GPEC) has been developed into an integrated large-scale enterprise and a general contractor for electric works. ENERGY CHINA GPEC has obtained Grade-A qualification for general contractor for electric works, Grade-A qualification for thermal power plant installation, environmental protection projects as well as power transmission and transformation projects. ENERGY CHINA GPEC is also qualified for general contracting and testing of municipal works, as well as Grade-A license for 1,000MW nuclear safety equipment installation, qualification certificate for electric power facility installation (maintenance), pressure pipeline, chemical cleaning, large-piece equipment transportation and lifting, and for undertaking works overseas and the certificate issued by China National Laboratory.
ENERGY CHINA GPEC could undertake electric power project, mechanical and electrical installation project, municipal utilities, general contracting of building construction engineering project; specialized contracting of installation project of thermal power equipment, environmental protection project, nuclear project, transmission and  substation project, wind power project, solar project and earthwork; general contracting of design of power industry; engineering survey; power station commissioning, power station maintenance and technological transformation; installation of nuclear pressure-bearing equipment, electric power facilities, boiler, pressure pipeline; transportation and lifting of large-piece and heavy equipment; chemical cleaning and weld metal inspection; domestic trade; import and export of goods, technology export; contracting of overseas thermal power projects and domestic international bidding projects, the equipment and material export of the above overseas projects and dispatch of contract workers required by the above overseas projects; various engineering businesses including ordinary freight.
In terms of works construction, it has developed from plant installation contracting into “Engineering-Procurement-Construction-Commissioning”  mode, from thermal power plant installation integration into Persified electric power construction. With regard to main construction fields, in addition to traditional coal-fired project construction and installation projects, ENERGY CHINA GPEC can completely implement construction of nuclear island, conventional island and BOP in nuclear power stations. So far, the company has undertaken nearly two hundred large and medium-sized conventional coal-fired power stations, nuclear power stations, combined cycle power stations, self-provided power and diesel power plants in domestic and overseas with the total installed capacity of more than 71,000,000 kWh. Among them, the Phase I Project of Taishan Power Project and the Putian LNG Power Project won the Luban Prize for Construction Project of China and many projects won honors including the Gold Award of National Excellent Project. ENERGY CHINA GPEC was conferred the award of "National Enterprise with Special Contributions to Electric Power Construction" by China Electric Power Construction Association either.
ENERGY CHINA GPEC adheres to the vision of "Building the First-Class International Integrated Power Service Expert", strives for excellence and keeps improving so as to provide all clients with comprehensive engineering services, and achieve sincere cooperation and achieve win-win development.


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