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Energy China GPEC Won the "Digital Innovation Paragon Award" in the 2021 China Digital Transformation and Innovation Awards

      On December 17, the award list of the "2021 China Digital Transformation and Innovation Award" was released. Energy China GPEC’s "Enterprise Industry Finance and Taxation Integrated Management and Control Platform" won the "Digital Innovation Model Paragon Award".

  The platform achieved integration of many modules, including, tender deposit and finance, collection contract settlement and finance, Payment contract settlement and finance, collection contract and sales invoice and finance, payment contract settlement and purchase invoice, contract guarantee and finance, compensation & benefits and finance, material contract settlement and finance, equipment and fixed assets and finance. This system ended the state of information silos, where each department operates independently, with no information exchange among them. The three main business processes were organically integrated, namely, business operations, finance and accounting, and management processes. We have established a business-driven financial information data processing process that integrates financial data and business operations, thus achieving the integration of business and accounting systems.

  It is reported that the "China Digital Transformation and Innovation Award" was jointly initiated by the Digital Industry Innovation Research Center, Industry Experts, Chief Digital Officer, and more than 30 CIO organizations and industry associations across the country. It has been successfully held for four consecutive sessions. This award is open to enterprises, institutions, and government departments, intending to recognize leaders in the digital transformation of various industries, and gather digital synergy to help the innovation and development of China's digital economy. Over 1,370 companies competed this year, involving nearly 2,000 digital projects, making it one of the most popular awards in China's digital industry. The "2021 China Digital Transformation and Innovation Award" was launched on July 8. It was open to the whole country and accepted contenders through both solicitation and recommendation. The evaluation process lasted 5 months, with several rounds of information submission, selection, research, and one-on-one interviews. The winners were announced on December 17 at the "2021 China Digital Transformation and Innovation Awards Ceremony." This year’s selection was divided into 34 sub-awards in three categories: the paragon group, the product group, and the talent group. 103 cases, 67 products and solutions, and 35 individuals have received the honor.

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