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Energy China GPEC Holds Project Management "Ten Modernizations" Promotion Meeting

On November 12, Energy China GPEC held project management "ten modernization" promotion meeting in the new construction project department of China Energy Qingyuan Power Plant. The goal of the meeting was to further implement the requirements from the group (stock) company that were set out in "Several Opinions" and "Guidance on the Implementation of the 'Ten Modernization' Requirements of Project Management" and facilitate the 'Ten Modernization'. The company's general manager and director Bai Xuehan attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

The meeting was held both on-site and via video stream. At the meeting, Bai Xuehan proclaimed the spirit of the project management "ten modernization" promotion meeting held by the Group (Stock) Company recently. The relevant departments introduced the progress of the company's project management "ten modernization" project, and the New Engineering Project Department of China Energy Qingyuan Power Plant and the Engineering Project Department of the Guangdong China Resources Xijiang Power Plant shared their practices and experience of carrying out the "ten modernizations" of project management.

Bai Xuehan pointed out that it is necessary to further implement the requirements of the “ten modernizations” of project management of the group (stock) company, firmly grasp the “1466” strategy, continue to promote the company’s “334” infrastructure project construction, focus on improving project management capabilities, and promote the transformation of management from traditional and experience-based to scientific and wholly digital-based.

Bai Xuehan put forward five requirements: first, consolidate the foundation and strengthen the organizational leadership. All units of the company must firmly establish the concept of “lean, refined, accurate, and streamlined” work ethics, focus on all the elements of the project and full-cycle management and control, systematically build project management standards, internal quota systems and assessment mechanisms, and fully adapt to the new requirements, new tasks and new changes in project management, therefore promoting the comprehensive upgrade of project management. The second is to concentrate our efforts and pay close attention to the implementation of tasks. All units of the company must adhere to the principle of "based on performance, rooted in efficiency, focus on quality, and put the brand first". We also need to act in accordance with the overall goal of "ten modernizations" in project management, considering actual conditions when carrying out work such as detailed project decomposition, compilation of construction drawings and roadmaps, timetables, and task lists. We also must clarify the goals and tasks and ensure that the work is implemented. The third is to focus on actual results and strengthen the guidance of the inspections. All units of the company must continue to promote the “ten modernizations” of project management in strict accordance with the established goals and tasks. The project management center must focus on guiding the inspections during the process, pay attention to dynamic monitoring, forge strengths, make up for weaknesses, tap into potentials, solve problems, and ensure implementation. The fourth is to widely publicize the project, and learn from experience. All units of the company must act promptly, actively implement the work requirements and task lists of the "ten modernizations" in project management, and effectively improve the understanding of the "ten modernizations" by the employees. At the same time, we need to continuously accumulate experience from the implementation process, and exchange and learn from these good practices in a timely manner. The fifth is to strengthen the supervision and apply strict accountability. The work development required by the “ten modernizations” of project management will be linked to the project management performance appraisal system. We will also strengthen the assessment of responsibilities, and ensure that the “ten modernizations” of project management achieve practical results.

Bai Xuehan emphasized that the "ten modernizations" of project management have been fully implemented already, and all units of the company must adhere to the work ethic of "doing hard work and doing it immediately". We will overcome difficulties, work hard, boost the level of project performance, operating quality and efficiency, enhance the core competitiveness of the company, make a good start for the "14th Five-Year Plan", and lay a solid foundation to achieve the company's high-quality development.

Before the meeting, Bai Xuehan and his party went to the construction site of the new China Energy Qingyuan Power Plant to observe the word and exchange information. They also gained insights on the project management "ten modernizations", construction progress, and safety and quality management.

More than 60 people, including the company's deputy general manager and chief engineer Zheng Shaopeng, deputy general manager Luo Xiongdong, heads of functional departments, subsidiaries, and project departments, attended the meeting.

After the meeting, Bai Xuehan and his entourage visited the project owner and conducted in-depth communication on strengthening cooperation and promoting project performance.

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