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Energy China GPEC Won the "Special Contribution Award for Tackling Tough Task"

China Southern Power Grid recently held a wrap-up and commendation conference for the Kunbei-Liubei-Longmen UHV multi-terminal flexible DC transmission project in Guangzhou. Energy China GPEC was awarded the "Special Contribution Award" for its outstanding performance in the Kunbei-Liubei-Longmen DC line project. Liu Ruihua, the chairman of Energy China GPEC, was invited to attend and accept the award on behalf of the company.

Many participating units have devoted thousands of days and nights to this super project. During the construction, the Group (Stock) Company has given full play to its advantages in the whole industry chain, including electric power and energy planning consultation, survey and design, engineering construction, and equipment manufacturing. Once again, we have proved our "construction power" and carved the mark of "world energy" into a national-level project.

Wudongde Power Station Transmission Project of Guangdong Guangxi UHV Multi-terminal DC Demonstration Project, also known as "Kunliulong DC Project", is the world’s first UHV constant-direct and flexible-direct hybrid direct current project. It was designed to promote the consumption and promotion of clean energy, facilitate the east-west cooperation in poverty alleviation, and serve the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, all of which are of milestone significance for promoting green, regionally coordinated, and innovative development. Energy China GPEC was responsible for the construction of project lots 15 and 17 and the Guangdong's receiving end AC matching power delivery project (lot 3 of the Huizhou section). It amounted to 166.064 kilometers of newly built lines and 374 towers.

Energy China GPEC has commenced the work on these three project lots under a tight time line, heavy workload, and high requirements. We have overcome many difficulties in the construction process. The Guangxi section of the line had steep mountains, numerous crossings, and complex geological topography, especially in karst areas, which made it extremely difficult to construct. Unforeseen circumstances such as "three months of rain", "four consecutive months of hot and scorching weather", "sudden epidemics forcing the suspension of work for 40 days" have greatly increased the difficulty of construction and delayed the progress of the project. In the face of many difficulties, and under the premise of ensuring safety, Energy China GPEC has completed various construction tasks on schedule and with high quality. Among them, the Kunliulong DC link lot 15 became the first project lot that was completed after the Spring Festival. It has won us the winning unit and winning team honors in the "Be a good master, build a new era" Kunliulong project construction competition organized by China Southern Power Grid. The Guangdong receiving-end AC matching power delivery (Huizhou section lot 3) was the first completed lot out of 4 AC matching power delivery projects, and has won the "2021 China Power Quality Project Award." Lot 17 of the Kunliulong DC line project became the third lot to be fully finished, the first one to pass the completion acceptance inspection, and the first one to achieve "zero defect" handover operation of the ontology project. Thanks to this excellent performance, the Kunliulong DC Line Project lot 17 department was the only project department that won the "Guangdong Province May 1st Labor Day Award" among the 20 project lot sections of the whole line.

The project also created 19 world firsts, further polishing the "UHV" national business card. During the construction, the company insisted on scientific and technological leadership, technological innovation, vigorously promoting the spirit of model workers and craftsmen, and fostering technical talents. At the same time, we have also attached importance to equipment development and construction technology innovation. "The development of an anti-twist wire rope detection device" and "The development of a manual digging assembly ladder for deep foundation pits" were achieved during the construction process. They have won the first and second prize of the 2019 Electric Power Construction Quality Management Team Achievements Award, respectively. "The development of the tension machine clamping device" and "The development of the multi-functional tool operating platform" have won the second prize in the 2020 Power Construction Quality Management Team Activity Award. Taking engineering construction as a platform, Energy China GPEC has accumulated a number of technical achievements with equipment specifications and patented technologies, which help the efficiency and high quality of project construction, and make positive contributions to improving the level of domestic power equipment manufacturing and promoting the implementation of the "Made in China 2025" strategy.

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