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GPEC signed Poland Baltic Sea 324mw wind Farm EPC project

On the Poland afternoon of October 31, the signing ceremony of EPC contract was held in Wroclaw. GPEC and Max deal Sp.z.o.o signed the agreement respectively. The successful signing of the project marks another important breakthrough in the development of renewable energy field.

The total installed capacity is 324.8mw, and the site located in the northwest of Poland. GPEC will be responsible for design, procurement and construction of the project.

The wind power project signing is a new direction for EU energy development in the future. The project will help Poland to realize the renewable energy strategic plan. Since its inception, the project has attracted local attention in Poland, especially the strong support from local municipal government.

At the contract signing ceremony, Mr. Michael, the president of the owner, expressed his high trust in GPEC as project contractor. It believed that through mutual cooperation with China, the construction of the project can be completed smoothly, and the pace of energy structure transformation in Poland can be further accelerated, which is of strategic significance.

Poland, as a leading industrialized country in central and Eastern Europe, with high technical requirements, environmental protection standards and high requirements for performance ability to carry out projects in Poland. GPEC undertakes the project, which not only plays a good role in promoting the brand construction of "China energy", but also embodies that as an expert in the field of power service. GPEC cooperates with international owners in the middle and high-end market and makes an important contribution to promoting the development of new energy field.

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