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Wang Jianping Attends Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation
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The Belt and Road Forum (BRF) for International Cooperation opens in Beijing, capital of China, May 14, 2017. President Xi Jinping delivers a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the Forum in the National Convention Center in Beijing.
In addition to the opening ceremony and the leaders’ roundtable, there will also be a high-level conference and six parallel sessions on the connectivity of policy, infrastructure, trade, finance and people. A total of 29 foreign heads of state and government leaders are attending the forum. Other delegates include officials, entrepreneurs, financiers and journalists from over 130 countries, and representatives of key international organizations. More than 1,500 representatives across the world are attending the forum. Wang Jianping, chairman of the Board of Energy China attends the opening ceremony, high-level dialogue and the panel discussions on enhancing “facilities connectivity”. 
The forum is the highest-level meeting on the Belt and Road Initiative since it was put forward by Xi in 2013, as well as the major diplomatic activity held at home in 2017. It is of great significance in promoting the international and regional cooperation. The forum takes the theme "strengthening international cooperation and co-building the 'Belt and Road' for win-win development”. The delegates from home and abroad will focus on the discussion about improving the region's infrastructure, putting in place a secure and efficient network of land, sea and air passages, lifting their connectivity to a higher level, further enhancing trade and investment facilitation, establishing a network of free trade areas that meet high standards, maintaining closer economic ties, deepening political trust, enhancing cultural exchanges, encouraging different civilizations to learn from each other and promoting mutual understanding, peace and friendship among people of all countries.
The forum also announces the achievements made due to the initiative so far, including the major projects undertaken by Energy China in recent years, as well as the key projects signed in 2017. Since the initiative was put forward, Energy China has been keeping in step with the national strategy and actively participating in the construction of the countries along the Belt and Road by making full use of its advantages of being a comprehensive solutions provider in the power and energy engineering sector. For more than three years, Energy China develops its international market closely following the plan of the initiative. Through developing its high-end consultation and power planning business as the driver, innovating business model and giving full play to the group synergy, Energy China has carried out business in 52 countries among the 64 Belt and Road countries, with the newly signed contract value increasing by over 35% on a YoY basis. Now, Energy China has formed the business scopes of power engineering as the core and the comprehensive development of Persified segments, thus laying a solid foundation for its involvement in the Belt and Road initiative on a wider scope and higher level. 
This forum is aimed to build a more open and effective platform for international cooperation and will usher in a new chapter for international cooperation under the One Belt and One Road initiative. Energy China will take this opportunity and abide by the open and inclusive principle of planning together, building together and benefiting together, by adapting its strategy, market plan and business model to the construction and development of the BR countries, thus forging its new BR advantages and promoting its international business on a higher level.

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