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Transmission and Substation Project
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ENERGY CHINA GPEC is qualified for general contracting of power transmission and substation projects at various voltage levels, has Permit for power facilities installation (maintenance, test) (Class I Permit for installation, Class I for maintenance and Class I for test), Class I Permit for professional contracting of transmission and substation projects, Grade A qualification for commissioning & testing of transmission and substation  Grade B qualification for electrica design (transmission & substation project), Grade B qualification for engineering survey (engineering survey & measuring), Grade C qualification for engineering consultation (thermal power & architecture building) etc.

Through seizing precious opportunities, with superb technology and excellent quality services, ENERGY CHINA GPEC has achieved excellent performance in power grid construction and has strong comprehensive strength. So far, the Company has undertaken multiple power transmission and substation projects, including 500kV Boluo substation, 500kV Fuyuan substation, Research and Development Demonstration Project for 863 Large Flexible DC Transmission Access Technology of Wind Power Plant, 500kV Chongwen substation, 500kV Qishan substation, ±800kV DC power transmission project from Yunnan to Guangdong, 500kV power transmission project from Xianlingshan to Huadu (large span in Beijiang), Nuozhadu power station power pant ±800kV DC power transmission line project to Guangdong, as well as a large number of power grid and related engineering projects, such as municipal, design, operation and maintenance, technical reform, hot washing, new energy projects etc.

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